Thursday, September 13, 2012

10:10 Tervis

Last semester we received the incredible news that Tervis Tumbler was interested in supporting our cause in any which way they could. So they offered us a donation of 1,300 tervises, with a customized design for our cause.

We were so thrilled! We pulled all of our energy post school semester to come up with a unique design that would translate the essence of our cause: sustainability, consciousness-lightness and well-being. Katherine Murray invited Livy Long to work with us and quite quickly they came up with a design that was very well received by our friends on the 10:10 facebook page.

So we sent it to Tervis and our school for approval, and a month after, there we had the first parcel delivered to us for all incoming students during their orientation week for college.

Katherine and I managed to cause quite an impression and excitement around our new students, and it was very gratifying to see how supportive not only students but some of their parents were towards our cause.

We collected a signature to our Botte-Free Declaration in exchange for every tumbler we gave away, as part of our campaign Free Tervis for a Bottle-Free Campus, and just in that first moment, we collected over 450 signatures!

Then we set up a couple of other events to get the word out to the rest of the campus, and sure enough, we had a great turn out. Not only students, but faculty and staff members were all craving for their Tervises. Since then, we collected over 1,200 and we are ready to meet with our President and administration to take our initiative to the next level, hopefully we'll follow the wonderful example of our neighboring friends, New College, who recently got water bottles completely baned from campus!

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